Heavy Metal Detox

I have had skin conditions for as long as I can remember, but this has been with me now for a few years in some degree or another, as long as I have been detoxing, from mercury. It seems that I get the worst of it on the lower legs and arms, however at some point or another, I believe I have had it everywhere? Since I have been supplementing with the cilantro and chlorella to detox, the mercury rash has also shown up, quite significantly, in the anal area, as this is how the body removes heavy metals. The rashes are extremely itchy, and leave me no option but daily moisturizer of some sort, presently I use pure virgin coconut oil, shea butter and coconut butter as well some time. I have had the old mercury dental amalgams removed from the lower left of my mouth and replaced with composite fillings, in December of 2009, I intend to follow through with the rest of my mouth over the next year or so? Pictures of the mercury fillings replaced on the lower left of my mouth below.

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